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Certified medical doctor and facial rejuvenation acupuncturist
Now you can get from me: the famous "The Ultimate Facial Rejuvenation Treatment Program" of Virginia Doran (USA). Cosmetic Acupuncture for safe treatment of wrinkles, acne and cellulite; For a more beautiful skin and to reduce the aging process

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With our modern instruments we can measure your body meridian energie in graphics image.

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Care with quality and quantity

With over 15 years experience as a doctor (regular and non regular) I assure you quality care and attention. In order to ensure professionalism, I always strive for the best quality in my treatments. I actively engage in scientific studies and developments in the field of acupuncture and conventional medicine.

I hope to be able to provide best treatment to you!
Dr. Mrs. K. Kohli, Medical - Acupuncturist


Pain treatment, Acute tiredness, Stress, Sleep disorders Pain treatment, Acute tiredness, Stress, Sleep disorders
With acupuncture treatment the tension in the muscles are removed and the local energy blockages reversed. This stimulates the blood flow in our brain.

Stoppen met Roken Quit smoking treatment
An acupuncture treatment can increase your lung energy and your will power to quit smoking. The vitality comes back mostly soon and you feel more energetic than ever. So it becomes easier for you to resist the urge to smoke!

Tennis elbow Tennis elbow
Several studies including 2004 from MacMaster University (founded around 1830) Ontario, Canada have shown that acupuncture is effective in the treatment of tennis elbow and tennis elbow.

Knieklachten Knee pain, Hip pain, back Pain
Acupuncture helps with all kinds of back pain, hip pain and knee pain that include osteoarthritis of the knee.

Astma, luchtwegklachten en allergieŽn Asthma, respiratory symptoms and allergies
Acupuncture treats asthma, allergies and respiratory symptoms by improving breathing, physical fitness, and resistance to infections and allergies.

headache Women related medical problems
Acupuncture works well for pre-menstrual syndrome, irregular menstruation, menopause and infertility especially in combination with IVF, ICSI and IUI.

Afvallen Weight control
Acupuncture treatment restores the disturbance of your energy balance and the underlying cause of overweight is treated.

Acupuncture treatment is applied with success to cure the pain and to stimulate a process of total recovery.

Digestive, gastric and intestinal symptoms Digestive, gastric and intestinal symptoms
Acupuncture brings the digestive system in balance and treats stomach and intestinal complaints.

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Dr. Kohli op SBS6 Dr. Kohli op SBS6 Dr. Kohli op SBS6
Dr.. Ms. K. Kohli live on TV provifing ear acupuncture to Ms. Daphne Deckers as Mr. Gerard Joling wachtes.
The broadcast is dated January 31, 2009(SBS6 20:00 hrs).

Article about Acupuncture Care in the Hoofddorpse Newspaper appeared in April 2, 2009
Artikel Acupunctuurzorg in Hoofddorpse Courant

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