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Certified medical doctor and facial rejuvenation acupuncturist
Now you can get from me: the famous "The Ultimate Facial Rejuvenation Treatment Program" of Virginia Doran (USA). Cosmetic Acupuncture for safe treatment of wrinkles, acne and cellulite; For a more beautiful skin and to reduce the aging process

Graphic image of
body meridian energie


With our modern instruments we can measure your body meridian energie in graphics image.

Chia Seed
You can order with us exclusively organic Chia Seeds.

With us you the original organic Chia Seeds: the richest natural source of Omega3, fiber, protein and more ...

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What is Acupuncture and How Does it Work?

Acupuncture is the insertion of very fine sterile needles
into specific 'acupuncture' points.

It has measurable effects on our body systems.

Concepts of Acupuncture include Yin and Yang theory and Qi.

Acupuncture helps to rebalance proper flow of Qi
The Life Force, or Energy in the body.